February 2021
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Supported added for AWS g4ad and c6gn instances

In December, AWS announced the release of their new g4ad and c6gn instances. We have added support for these new EC2 instances.

All other previously released instance families and instance types are currently supported in our pricing calculations and recommendations.

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January 2021
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Fix for AWS Windows Reserved Instances Restriction

We previously treated AWS Windows Reserved Instances (RIs) as applicable to any size in an instance family. That incorrectly affected the Effective Price calculation. Windows RIs are now restricted to the exact size you purchased.

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Table CSV Export and Column Improvements

The Instances table CSV export from the Views -> Action Items tab now includes these columns: Current Effective Provider Cost, Current Performance Cost, Optimal Effective Provider Cost, and Optimal Performance Cost.

The EBS and RDS tables from the Views -> Action Items tab are now sortable.

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December 2020
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View Bursting Costs

Burstable instances have special characteristics that can affect both the provider costs and performance costs. We project your burstable costs, and your action items consider these bursting costs in recommending the optimal instance types for your workloads. For the first time, you can now see the breakdown of your provider and performance costs in terms of β€œbase costs” and β€œburstable costs.”

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