February 2021
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Improved login experience

Over the last few months, we’ve made many exciting changes to the Compute Software platform. In order to provide you with the newest features and enhanced organization and access management controls, we have updated our authentication service.

You may continue to login to the Compute Software application at app.computesoftware.com. Current users should have received an “action required” email to reset their password. If not, you may choose the Reset Password option from the login page to reset your password.

January 2021
September 2020
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Set up your AWS accounts using Terraform

We have released the first version of a Terraform module for integrating Compute Software with your AWS accounts. The module makes it easy to configure Compute Software AWS IAM roles using your existing Terraform code base. See the simple-roles example on GitHub for how you may use the module.

If you are already using the CloudFormation template approach and would like to switch to Terraform, please get in touch with us at support@computesoftware.com.

AWS Admin