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Support for GCP Cloud Functions in Resources

AUTHOR: The Compute Software team

Cloud Functions running across your GCP projects can now be viewed in the Resources section.

The Resources section provides an overview of all Cloud Functions, Compute Engine, Persistent Disk, and Cloud SQL resources, as well as discounts found in your projects. Discounts include committed use discounts.

Resources Overview

At the top of the Resources overview section, you will find the Total Resource Count. These are the resources that are running across all of your accounts for the services currently being supported by the platform. Below Total Resource Count, you can see a breakdown of counts by Service, Service Kind, Service State, and Tagging.

You will also find a histogram of Resource Count by Age.

CloudFunctions Overview.png

Resources Inventory Table

If you navigate to the "Inventory" tab, you will find detailed resource information.

Clicking on a Cloud Function resource will open an overlay with detailed information, including available memory, build name, max instances, and the last updated timestamp. You will also see available Tasks (not yet supported for Cloud Functions), utilization metrics, and properties that have been set.

Resources with a Resource State of "Analyzed" will be included in the metrics and analyzed for action items approximately three times a day.

CloudFunctions Overlay.png


In the Resources Inventory table, you can filter for the current discounts found from your projects. These discounts include committed use discounts.

From the Filters menu, click on the Service Kind category and select the value "Discount."

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