The Compute Software team

Support added for new EC2 C6i and DL1 Instances

AUTHOR: The Compute Software team

AWS recently introduced the availability of Amazon EC2 C6i instances and Amazon EC2 DL1 instances.

C6i instances are ideal for running compute-intensive workloads such as batch processing, machine learning, high-end gaming, high performance computing (HPC) workloads, ad serving, and video encoding. C6i instances offer up to 15% improvement in price performance for a variety of workloads, versus comparable C5 instances.

DL1 instances are powered by Gaudi accelerators from Habana Labs, and are custom designed for machine learning training. DL1 instances offer up to 40% better price-performance than current GPU-based EC2 instances.

We have added support for the new C6i and DL1 instances, which are now incorporated into our pricing calculations and algorithm for recommendations.

All other previously released machines families and instance types are currently supported in our pricing calculations and recommendations.

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