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New UI Improvements

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All of the features you know and love are still here. We have updated and added a few new features to improve the experience.


Views are a way for you to see information and action items by teams and business units, by environments, by accounts, by customers, by workloads, etc. You can save views and easily come back to these views every time you login.

Saving Views

Open the filters menu and select one or more filters. To save your selections as a new view, click on the button, “Save as new view.”

Save as new view.png

Selecting a View

Select the view you would like to see from the view dropdown. You may favorite a view to have it appear at the top of the view dropdown for easy access.

The corresponding filters selected for a view can be seen by opening the Filters menu on the left.

View Dropdown.png

Managing Views

On the Views page under Settings, you can update the name of your view, favorite a view to appear at the top of the views dropdown in the main sections, enable Insights data for a view, and delete a view.


The Resources section provides an overview of all resources and discounts found in your cloud provider accounts. Discounts include commitments and savings plans.

Resources Overview

At the top of the Resources overview section, you will find the Total Resource Count. These are the resources that are running across all of your accounts for the services currently being supported by the platform. Below Total Resource Count, you can see a breakdown of counts by Service, Service Kind, Service State, and Tagging.

You will also find a histogram of Resource Count by Age.

Resources Overview.png

Resources Inventory Table

If you navigate to the "Inventory" tab, you will find the Resources table. There are three different Resource States: Analyzed, Actions Disabled, and Unanalyzable.

Analyzed means that the resource is included in all metrics and analyses for action items.

Actions Disabled means that the resource is included in metrics, except for % Optimal, and excluded from analyses for action items.

Unanalyzable means that the resource is not yet included or analyzed due to its Properties.

Click on a resource in the table to see detailed resource information.

Resource Overlay.png


In the Resources Inventory table, you can filter for the current discounts we have detected from your cloud provider accounts. These discounts include commitments and savings plans.

From the Filters menu, click on the Service Kind category and select the value "Discount."

Resources Discounts.png

Action Items

In the Action Items section, you can quickly get an idea of where you could be from a Cloud Cost perspective versus where you are today (% Optimal). You can also see the amount of your provider cost and performance cost savings opportunities and your highest value action items.

Action Item Overview

On the Action Item Overview, you will find the % Optimal and Net Value metrics, along with their breakdowns. You will also see a histogram of the Net Value of your action items.

You will also find the total number of action items, how many are Open, how many are In Progress, the action types to complete, and the number of action items older than two weeks.

Action Items Overview.png

Review and Manage Action Items

In the Action Items tab, you will find your action items prioritized by Net Value. Start from the top of the list to work on the highest value action items. 

Each action item has a Status and an Action Type. The Status of an item allows you to track which items are “Open,” “In Progress,” and “Resolved.” The Action Type indicates what needs to be done (e.g., Terminate, Rightsize) that is optimal for your workload.

Action Items Table.png


The Insights section provides trends and insights over time into your:

  • Cloud costs (provider, performance, and engineering costs)

  • Cloud costs and savings from Resolved and Unresolved Action Items

  • % Optimal

  • Resource counts

Note: you will need to enable insights for a view in order to see data for a particular view. Navigate to the Views page under Settings to Enable Insights for a view.



The Simulation section models your metrics and action items exclusive of any current discounts like reservation commitments or savings plans. You may compare these metrics and action items with those under the Action Items section, which are inclusive of current discounts.

Note: if you do not have any current discounts then the metrics and action items in this section will be exactly the same as the Action Items section.

Activity Log

The Activity Log helps you track Task status changes and who made those changes. You will also see Net Value, Provider Cost Savings, and Performance Cost Savings for Tasks that are "Resolved."

Activity Log.png


Click on the Settings icon to manage views, users, integrations, and API keys. Once in Settings, you can easily navigate back to where you were before by clicking "Back."

User Profile

Click the User icon in the upper right to navigate to your User Profile page. On the User Profile page, you may update your information, reset your password, and subscribe to receive a weekly email notification of action items for a particular view.

Profile Settings.png

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