The Compute Software team

New AWS Cost Reporting Features

AUTHOR: The Compute Software team

Compute Software now has an easy-to-use interface that lets you visualize and track your AWS cloud costs and usage over time. If you navigate to the Costs section on the top nav bar, you will find a Total Cost metric as well as Costs over time grouped by a category of your choice. Here you are able to understand and manage your AWS spend in a comprehensive manner.

Cost Reporting.png


You can filter down to services, accounts, regions and more to tune your cost and usage reporting and control what data you want to track.

Costs Filters.png

Data Visualization

The bar chart will display costs over time and each bar will be stacked by the values you group by. The table will present the same information the Bar Chart displays, only in a tabular, downloadable form.

Costs Table.png

To learn more about setting up Billing Reports for us to ingest cost and usage data, go to Compute Software documentation for step-by-step guidance.

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