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Configure Displayed Views

AUTHOR: The Compute Software team

You can now configure which views to display on the views menu for quick-selecting.

Saving New Views

When you select a filter in the views menu, you can save your selection as an Unsaved View by clicking the button below. You will be prompted to enter a descriptive name for your view. This new view will appear in the views menu.

Configure Displayed Views

The default view “All Accounts” appears when you log in to the platform, however you may now configure what views you would like to see in the menu for quick-selecting. To select more views to display in the menu, click the plus button next to the views title to open a configuration menu.

The views you select to display on the left menu are only visible to you. Other users will not see what you have selected to display.

Once opened, you can check the views that you want displayed for quick selection on your views menu. To remove a view from your views menu, uncheck the box. Click "save" to update your preferences.

Hiding, Renaming and Deleting Views

To quickly hide, rename or delete a view in your views menu, you can hover over a view and click on the three dots to view the options.

Please note that hiding a view will only remove the view from the quick-select display, whereas deleting a view will permanently remove that view from your views library.

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