The Compute Software team

Configurable resource metric charts

AUTHOR: The Compute Software team

We have updated the experience for viewing resource metrics charts in the action item overlay to help you get a complete view into historical utilization.

Resource metrics can be found in the ´╗┐Resource Metrics tab´╗┐ of the action item overlay. The charts are defaulted to display the calendar dates corresponding with the observation window for each resource's analysis. You can also select your own custom date window and interval.

Once the date is changed, you will see a selection, which you can click on to revert back to the default observation window.

You can expand a chart by clicking on the expand icon in the top righthand corner. This will open a modal with a large preview of the chart.

You can also zoom into a chart by clicking and dragging your mouse within the chart. To zoom back out, you can click on the magnifying glass that appears in the top right corner.

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