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We are releasing a substantial change to our platform experience to help you easily view, manage, and measure the highest value cloud improvements.

Our customers rely on us to run optimally on the cloud, maximize profitability, and reduce time and effort in executing cloud changes. Today's major UI update provides you with the foundation to easily view, manage, and measure the most valuable cloud improvements for your enterprise.

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Your new home base.

Swiftly move through the site from the new Homepage to the Views and Admin sections. The Homepage displays your high level summary information.

Set up Views.

Views, previously Resource Groups, are a way for you to select one or more accounts to view summary metrics and execute the highest impact cloud resource changes. To create a new View: select the desired filters, click on Unsaved View, and name your View.

What you can expect to find in Views.

In a View, you can find the Dashboard and Action Items tabs.


The Dashboard tab includes information about your services, spend, and potential opportunities for savings and performance improvements. We have also added a new Discounts Filter to allow you to see your metrics with or without discounts like your negotiated global discount and instance discounts.

Action Items

The Action Items tab includes all of the action items you should execute to improve your cloud usage and maximize savings and performance improvements.

Action Items and Metrics

Click on an action item to see ranked actions and resource metrics. Change the Business Criticality setting to define how critical a particular workload or application is to your business. You may change the setting to Highly Critical, Critical, or Less Critical, and watch as the actions adjust accordingly.

Managing your accounts and settings.


The Admin section is where you can integrate your cloud provider accounts, enable monitoring on those accounts, and view users of the platform in your organization. If you have a negotiated global discount with your cloud provider, you will find your global discount under each Monitored Account.


Your profile settings and information are located in the Profile section below.

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