The Compute Software team

AWS Resource Billing

AUTHOR: The Compute Software team

Understanding exactly how each resource you run on AWS contributes to your bill has been challenging. Historically, it's been a balance of using the limited Cost Explorer resource granularity when the use case is EC2 instance related and very basic or downloading, ingesting, and processing your entire Cost and Usage Report. Simply understanding the data transfer charges associated with a particular resource or what spot price you actually paid should not require significant engineering effort.

The Compute Software team is excited to announce comprehensive resource-level bill line items, now viewable on every AWS resource page. Use this data to see, with the deepest level of detail, exactly where your dollars are being spent for each resource. Find the new Billing section by navigating to Optimizations > Resources > Inventory, clicking the resource of interest in the inventory table, and clicking the "Go to resource page" button in the upper right corner of the resource drawer.

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