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Introducing Resources

AUTHOR: The Compute Software team

A new section called "Resources" can be found in the lefthand menu. The Resources section provides an overview of all instances, volumes, and database instances in your accounts.

At the top of this section, you will find the Total Resource Count. These are the resources that are running across all of your accounts for the services currently being supported by the platform. Below Total Resource Count, you can see a breakdown of counts by Service, Service Kind, Service State, and Tagging.

Resource Count.png

You will also find a histogram of Resource Count by Running Time. This may be helpful in understanding how many resources are being analyzed - evaluated for action items based on your properties - and which are unanalyzable.

Resources Histogram.png

In the Resources table, you can see resources with additional information.

There are three different Resource States: Analyzed, Actions Disabled, and Unanalyzable.

Analyzed means that the resource is included in all metrics and analyses for action items.

Actions Disabled means that the resource is included in metrics, except for % Optimal, and excluded from analyses for action items.

Unanalyzable means that the resource is not yet included or analyzed due to Properties.

Resources Table.png

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