December 2020
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View Bursting Costs

Burstable instances have special characteristics that can affect both the provider costs and performance costs. We project your burstable costs, and your action items consider these bursting costs in recommending the optimal instance types for your workloads. For the first time, you can now see the breakdown of your provider and performance costs in terms of β€œbase costs” and β€œburstable costs.”

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October 2020
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Manage and measure the highest value cloud action items

This release introduces new capabilities in the Action Items section and adds the new Activity Log section.

In Action Items, you now have the ability to view the highest value cloud action items and manage the execution of those items. The Activity Log helps you track status changes to action items, as well as the business value of resolving those items.

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September 2020
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Set up your AWS accounts using Terraform

We have released the first version of a Terraform module for integrating Compute Software with your AWS accounts. The module makes it easy to configure Compute Software AWS IAM roles using your existing Terraform code base. See the simple-roles example on GitHub for how you may use the module.

If you are already using the CloudFormation template approach and would like to switch to Terraform, please get in touch with us at

AWS Admin
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Support added for AWS EC2 T4g instances

AWS recently announced the release of their new EC2 T4g instances. We have added support for EC2 T4g instances.

All other previously released instance families and instance types are currently supported in our pricing calculations and actions.